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Felix Peikli & Joe Doubleday’s Showtime Band is a unique and unparalleled group under the direction of the internationally acclaimed clarinet virtuoso Felix Peikli and vibraphone extraordinaire Joseph Doubleday. The composition of young, talented, and fire-breathing artists honing their skills with inspiration and influences from their various cultural backgrounds in joyous and playful interplay with seasoned veterans and legends in Jazz, results in a never-before-seen band that breaths new life in to the lost, but not forgotten, music from the golden American entertainment era of the 1930’s.

Born in Oslo, Norway, Felix was introduced to music through the local marching band at the age of eight. After discovering his love and passion for music, Felix received a Benny Goodman recording from his grandfather, sparking a burst of what would become a life long dedication and devotion to the American art form, Jazz.

Despite his young age, Felix has been granted numerous awards and distinctions for his dedication and contribution to the clarinet and music, including a full tuition scholarship to the prestigious institution Berklee College of Music, where he graduated with a Bachelor in Music Performance (2012). After moving to New York, Felix has collaborated and performed with notable artists such as Wayne Shorter, Danilo Perez, Joe Lovano, Ralph Peterson jr., and Marcus Miller, whom the latter was featured on Felix’ critically acclaimed debut album “Royal Flush” (2014). 

Having performed at famous venues like the Blue Note, Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola, as well as headlining festivals, and concert appearances worldwide as a bandleader, Felix is on a constant mission to spread joy and inspiration through his music. Felix has hosted numerous charitable performances in collaboration with UNICEF, and serves as an ambassador for ‘Playing for a Future’ bringing music education and instruments to children in impoverished regions of the world.

Raised in Mustang, Oklahoma, Joseph Doubleday is an ambitious, multitalented artist and entertainer who has developed a distinct and recognizable voice on his primary instrument, the vibraphone. His early fascination with music encouraged his parents to sign him up for piano lessons at the age of 7, and to purchase a small piano. At the age of 12, Joe acquired a Lionel Hampton, Art Tatum and Buddy Rich recording that sparked his interest in and love for Jazz.

In 2013, Joe was the first Vibraphonist ever accepted to the prestigious Jazz Studies program at the Juilliard School of Music in New York City. While completing his Masters, Joe regularly tour as a bandleader and side man at places like Dizzy’s Jazz Club Coca Cola, Carnegie Hall, SF Jazz Miner Auditorium and Olavshallen Concert Hall.