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Multi-band leader GLENN CRYTZER focuses on authentic performance of the styles of American Jazz performed prior to and during World War 2. GLENN CRYTZER'S SAVOY SEVEN is Crytzer's newest undertaking as a bandleader. This seven-piece lineup, with trumpet, two reeds, and a four-piece rhythm section, gives Crytzer the opportunity to flex his muscles and have some fun as an arranger and composer. Crytzer went to his first swing dance event when he was eighteen; with this first-hand knowledge of dance, he has an intimate understanding of the way that dancers hear and feel music, while his background as a composer gives him the technical knowledge and ability to bring that music to life through his arrangements, original compositions, and musical direction of the talented performers he selects for his ensembles. It's here that you'll hear charts for all his latest compositions as well as his newest small-band arrangements of vintage classics by artists like Benny Goodman, Count Basie, John Kirby, Duke Ellington, and more.