The New Eureka Jazz Band delves into the early halcyon days of Old New Orleans. Mixing early “jass” with the sounds of the San Francisco Jazz Revival of Turk Murphy and Lu Watters New Eureka create a potent cocktail of vintage American Music. With a brassy front line stirring together jazz, blues, ragtime, popular Songs, folk and gospel and with rhythm section of banjo, tuba, a dash of ragtime piano, and good time drums you get a treat that’s perfect for your dancing feet.

A veteran trad jazz multi-instrumentalist John Gill grew up in the same neighborhood that Tony Sbarbaro of the Original Dixieland Jazz Band lived with Sbarbaro becoming his main influence on drums. Gill gained early experience playing with Tony Parenti and Vince Giordano in a variety of settings. In 1970s Gill moved to San Francisco and joined Turk Murphy's band, playing drums, banjo and soprano saxophone. A decade later Gill recorded a pair of Stomp Off sets on drums with his Original Sunset Five, a group that including some of Turk's sidemen including pianist Ray Skjelbred. Later in the decade John Gill headed an expanded ten-piece band on his two other Stomp Off dates that he called his California Sunshine Boys, this time taking up a banjo, that remains his primary instrument to the day. Now residing in New York, Gill regularly tours West coast hot jazz festival circuit with his current flagship ensemble Yerba Buena Stompers and works on the development of his latest project, The New Eureka Jass Band.