New Yorker with Caribbean heritage residing in France, Nicolle Rochelle is a singer and dancer who had once put Paris under a spell by performing the role of Josephine Baker in the show “Looking for Joséphine” by Jerome Savary. Together with Antoine Chatenet, Nicolle makes up the the core of the electro swing powerhouse, Ginkgoa, for which she and Chatenet composes French songs with an American vibe, and American songs with a French touch, where time periods cross and inspirations collide. From Pop Music, to the Swing of old New York with a mix of Electro French touch beats, she only has one thing in mind: to make generations of people dance, sway, and sing along to melodies that stay in your head long for a long time. Actress as well as singer, some of her acting includes parts in “The Cosby Show”’ and in “Fame” at Broadway.