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Tamar Korn has been a New York-based vocalist for the last decade, playing a repertoire steeped in traditional New Orleans and early jazz, western swing, and American roots music. Her formative years were with one of the pioneers of New York hot jazz revival, The Cangelosi Cards, and she now leads her own band, A Kornucopia. Tamar is a founding member of both The Brain Cloud and The Grand St. Stompers and she often appears with Baby Soda jazz band, Terry Waldo, and on occasion joins the violinist Mark O'Connor as well as Irish folklorist and tenor banjo and bouzouki player Mick Moloney.  Her love is of singing songs both lyrically as well as playing her voice "instrumentally".  Tamar has toured throughout North America, as well as to Scandinavia, France, Lithuania, China, and the Caribbean and has appeared at venues all over New York ranging from establishments such as Cafe Carlyle and Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola to retro-nouveau speakeasyish affairs such as Shanghai Mermaid, as well as NYC Winter Jazzfest.